Art Talks: Greenbelt Meridian

In the third installment of Art Talks, art critics Mary Kathryn Moeller and Krystle Brewer scratch the surface of a complex exhibition. Greenbelt Meridian is an exhibition by artist couple James and Yiren Galagher that addresses the issues of the amensalistic, and sometime parasitic, relationship between humans and nature. They pose the idea of creating […]

Art Talks: Overlap

In the second installment of Art Talks, art critic Mary Kathryn Moeller visits with Oklahoma City -based artist Amanda Bradway. Together they tour her exhibition entitled Overlap at 108 Contemporary in downtown Tulsa. Bradway’s work, and that of Pennsylvania artist Lindsay Ketterer Gates with whom she is partnered, involves the layering of materials and explores […]


Sound and visual artist Jorge Bachman is Oklahoma State University Department of Art, Graphic Design, and Art History’s current visiting artist. In the spring semester of 2014 he will be teaching a multimedia art class for students, but his first visit on campus was a talk and demonstration titled Meanderings. At his talk he gave […]