Short phrases with importance tend to get stuck in my head on repeat. Sometimes these phrases are positive and others not. I then try to replace the negative ones with those I’m currently working with. Some of each of these have been incorporated into these works.


I’m Sorry

Over the past couple of years I have been grappling with ideas of inaccessibility, the removal of utility, and grief, which are all interrelated and essentially the same things. At the core, each of these concepts are about loss. My work exemplifies this parallel between grieving what is lost and the loss of the ability to access the thing or person.


[Press] at Untitled’s Monothon


The Price of a Divorce Series

The actual price of a divorce is not the paper preparation fees or court costs but those things that cannot be measured monetarily: motherhood, a home, and companionship. In this body of work I am exemplifying the stereotypical feminine gender role to show the things I gave up with my marriage.

The vessels are of teapots and teacups as they are a representation of fellowship, fragility, and femininity that are often collected and cherished by women. The fiber element protects them while making them non-utilitarian as the home, motherhood, and companionship are no longer things to be had. Their fragility is reason to put them on a high shelf to be viewed from afar as they are desires that can no longer be fulfilled.