East 35th Street House Show

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Blending the practices of house concerts and popup art shows in alternative spaces commonly found in urban areas, East 35th Street House Show aims to bridge the gap between the music and visual arts community in Tulsa while simultaneously taking art out of the white cube, commercial, and institutional spaces we are so accustomed. By placing this exhibition in the domestic sphere, it brings contemporary art into the space of the personal promoting community among the artists and attendees. By filling a vacant house with the arts, empty, lifeless spaces become an arena for creative thought.

We're All Soup, Peter Hay
We’re All Soup, Peter Hay

The works include paintings, drawings, and photography inspired by the natural world in the pieces by Beth Downing, Peter Hay, Steve Monroe, and Libby Williams. Portraits and gesture studies analyze the human body in works by Grace Grothaus Grimm, Ariana Jakub, and JP Morrison. Krystle Brewer, John Bryant, and Julie Clark utilize color, collage, and abstraction in their works.

Tangle, Beth Downing
Tangle, Beth Downing

The musical compositions include A Hymn to Romance on double bass by Noam Faingold; A Lot of Gray on tenor saxophone, electric bass, viola, and violin by Jared Hinkle; and Etherial Serial on clarinet and electric bass by Mike Cameron.

Pages From A Yellow Book, John Bryant
Pages From A Yellow Book, John Bryant


June 18th, 2015, 7pm-10pm

Performance of music compositions starts at 9pm

1423 East 35th Street Tulsa, Oklahoma


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