OVAC‘s annual fundraiser, 12×12, was seemingly another success. I love participating as a way to give back to OVAC for all that they do for artists in the state and to be surrounded by a wonderful community for an evening. And this piece found its way to a new home, which means there is only one […]

Regaining Consciousness With Public Art

  This was first published on September 11, 2016 to Art Review Oklahoma.   In one of my favorite books, Incognito: Secret Lives of the Brain, one point author David Eagleman makes is how our brains are able to run on ‘autopilot’ when doing familiar activities while preoccupying the active part of our brains with […]

Reflections on a Birthday

  I’m not sure if it’s because my birthday falls so close to New Years, or if my view of my life is that it inherently revolves around me, but I’ve always viewed my birthday as my personal new year: a time of reflection on the past and aspirations for the future. This “new year” […]

Art Talks: Greenbelt Meridian

In the third installment of Art Talks, art critics Mary Kathryn Moeller and Krystle Brewer scratch the surface of a complex exhibition. Greenbelt Meridian is an exhibition by artist couple James and Yiren Galagher that addresses the issues of the amensalistic, and sometime parasitic, relationship between humans and nature. They pose the idea of creating […]

Art Talks: Overlap

In the second installment of Art Talks, art critic Mary Kathryn Moeller visits with Oklahoma City -based artist Amanda Bradway. Together they tour her exhibition entitled Overlap at 108 Contemporary in downtown Tulsa. Bradway’s work, and that of Pennsylvania artist Lindsay Ketterer Gates with whom she is partnered, involves the layering of materials and explores […]