Art Talks: Overlap

In the second installment of Art Talks, art critic Mary Kathryn Moeller visits with Oklahoma City -based artist Amanda Bradway. Together they tour her exhibition entitled Overlap at 108 Contemporary in downtown Tulsa. Bradway’s work, and that of Pennsylvania artist Lindsay Ketterer Gates with whom she is partnered, involves the layering of materials and explores the intricacy of pattern design. Bradway’s pieces, from a series called Rites of Passage, address the cycle of life and the transformative power of trauma, grief, and personal growth. Utilizing animal skulls and bones alongside materials such as quartz, brass, and paper, Bradway presents visual, yet coded, narratives in which she speaks to the need for people to be “courageous in our vulnerability,” as death and trauma are things we all experience. This common set of inevitable experiences thus ties us all together in our humanity.



About Art Talks: Blending the styles of New York art critic James Kalm and the Smarthistory educational videos, Krystle Brewer and Mary Kathryn Moeller facilitate conversations that critically examine contemporary art exhibitions in Oklahoma through their video series Art Talks. The goal of Art Talks is to provide a new outlet for dialogue about the art being created in the state, while making the work more accessible to the wider public. As the series expands, they plan to invite artists, curators, art historians, and art advocates to participate in the discussions. The talks are presented in a casual manner yet encourage in-depth analysis and critical evaluation.

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