Art Talks: Greenbelt Meridian

In the third installment of Art Talks, art critics Mary Kathryn Moeller and Krystle Brewer scratch the surface of a complex exhibition. Greenbelt Meridian is an exhibition by artist couple James and Yiren Galagher that addresses the issues of the amensalistic, and sometime parasitic, relationship between humans and nature. They pose the idea of creating what they are calling a Greenbelt Meridian: a space where humans are not allow to go in order to keep the space for plants and animals. This “meridian” would follow the 100th West meridian that designates the western border of Oklahoma and corresponds with the 80th East meridian on the opposite side of the globe that crosses through Western China. In this talk, Moeller and Brewer unpack of a few of the pieces from the exhibition to explain how this concept is represented in the work.



About Art Talks: Blending the styles of New York art critic James Kalm and the Smarthistory educational videos, Krystle Brewer and Mary Kathryn Moeller facilitate conversations that critically examine contemporary art exhibitions in Oklahoma through their video series Art Talks. The goal of Art Talks is to provide a new outlet for dialogue about the art being created in the state, while making the work more accessible to the wider public. As the series expands, they plan to invite artists, curators, art historians, and art advocates to participate in the discussions. The talks are presented in a casual manner yet encourage in-depth analysis and critical evaluation.

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