I use utility and access as well as their removal as a metaphor to talk about loss, life, complex relationships, and personal space. Porcelain has been used for centuries, and other clay bodies even longer, as a material to make functional objects. In my work, I utilize these traditional materials in new ways as I remove the utility in cups, plates, and teapots through form or the incorporation of thread and yarn. In doing this, it forces us to look at the objects not for their original perceived function, but as an anthropomorphic metaphor.



Krystle Brewer holds a BFA from Oklahoma City University in studio art and an MA from Oklahoma State University in art history. Brewer has interned and worked for a number of arts organizations including Oklahoma City Museum of Art, Cultural Development Corporation of Central Oklahoma, Oklahoma State University Museum of Art, Gardiner Art Gallery, Oklahoma State University Department of Art, Design and Art History, and 108|Contemporary. Brewer is currently Executive Director for the Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition, a statewide organization that supports the visual arts and artists in Oklahoma. In addition to her art administrative role, she is an active artist and art writer.

email: krystle@krystlebrewer.com


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